Workshops & Training Offered

During 2014, Dance Therapy NZ will offer a 2-day DMT Foundational Training Module followed by five 3-day intensive training modules in Dance Movement Therapy. These modules are part of a Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy (please click here for more information).

The foundation module can be attended as a ‘one off’ workshop without any prior experience (register below). 

Applications for attendance at Modules 2-6 (without enrolling in the full Certificate) are considered depending on prior experience- please contact us to be considered, and then register using the form below.

2014 DMT Training Modules:

1. Fundamentals of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), 22nd & 23rd March (Foundation Module: Compulsory pre-requisite for the Certificate. In some cases, prior learning and/or make up study sessions may be accepted).

2. Body-Based Knowing: Systems of Non-Verbal Understanding & Movement Observation, 9th-11th May

3. DMT Approaches to working with Children and Adolescents, 4th-6th July

4. The Healing Dance: Therapeutic Processes in DMT: 29th-31st August

5. From Assessment to Intervention: Clinical Methods in DMT, 10th-12th October 

6. Further Applications of DMT, 21st-23rd November

Schedule for Module 2 – Module 6: Friday 1pm-5.30pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5.30pm. 

Please note: if you have attended one-day workshops with DTNZ previously, a discount is available for some related modules.

Tuition Fees:

  • Weekend Foundation Module: $250 early bird until 19th January/$300 after (unwaged/full time student $225 early bird until 19th Jan/$270 after)
  • Certificate Training (5 Modules Fri-Sun, Tutorials, Placement): $2250 Unwaged/full time student: $1800
  • 3-Day Modules if not enrolled in Certificate Training (19 credit hours): $380. Unwaged/full time student: $295.

To register, please fill out the form below: