Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy


In 2014, Senior Dance Therapists working with Dance Therapy NZ established a Training Programme in DMT that is offered independently but in close relationship with DTNZ. The next intake for the Diploma Training in Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) will begin in November 2017. The Diploma will be offered in a format enabling long distance students to participate in the Training (see 2018 module dates here).

This Diploma is designed for those who are interested in developing skills to work in the field of Dance Movement Therapy in the future, or those who would like to integrate therapeutic dance into an existing related Profession such as Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Teaching, Occupational Therapy, or Physiotherapy. It is also ideal for Arts Therapy Trainees who wish to specialise in Dance Movement Therapy as part of their training.

The Course will be experiential in nature, utilising current DMT practice and tools to develop embodied skills and understanding. This experiential learning will be supported by a strong theoretical base, provided through lectures, tutorials, coursework and readings throughout the year. Graduates will be eligible to apply for Associate Membership with DTAA (Dance Therapy Association of Australasia).

Training modules will be taught by experienced Dance Movement Therapists, and will include Guest Presenters who are experts in the field of Dance Movement Therapy, both Nationally and Internationally.

If you would like to apply for the Diploma, please register for and attend the Foundation Module: Fundamentals of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), 18th & 19th November 2017. You may then apply for the Diploma after completing this module if you choose to (application deadline 27th November). To register for the foundation module, click here and scroll down the page.

This Foundation Module serves as a base for the rest of the Diploma training, which will be delivered in an intensive weekend format Friday-Sunday in five additional modules in 2018. In addition, 7 evening tutorials will be offered between the modules, and can be attended in person or via online video access. Each student will participate in a Fieldwork Placement during the year, to observe and assist in a Dance Movement Therapy setting to gain practical experience and apply their learning. The Diploma consists of 160 contact hours.

Registration for the Foundation Module and Expressions of Interest are now open – please complete the form below if you are interested in attending. If you are ready to register for the Foundation Module please click here. If you have attended the Foundation Module and are ready to apply for the Full Diploma, please click here.

DMT Diploma Training Modules:

1. Fundamentals of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT): 18th & 19th November, 2017, 9.30am-5.00pm, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland (Foundation Module: Compulsory pre-requisite for the Certificate. In some cases, prior learning and/or make up study sessions may be accepted).

2. Body-Based Knowing: Systems of Non-Verbal Understanding & Movement Observation: 16-18 March, 2018

3. DMT Approaches to working with Children and Adolescents: 13-15 April, 2018

4. The Healing Dance: Therapeutic Processes in DMT: 6-8 July, 2018

5. From Assessment to Intervention: Clinical Methods in DMT: 3-5 August, 2018

6. Further Applications of DMT: 2-4 November, 2018

Schedule for training modules is Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 9.30am-5pm & Sunday 9.30am-5.00pm (except for Foundation Module). Location: Endeavour Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland.

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