Therapists and Assistants


Jacquelyn (Jung-Hsu) Wan, DTNZ Dance Movement Therapist, Supervisor, Trainer. MA, R-DMT (ADTA), CDT (TDTA), DTAA (Full Professional Membership), Ways of Seeing Practitioner

Jacquelyn is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist based in Auckland, working with both individuals and groups, with a specialty in children with emotional disturbances, interaction-relation issues, ASD, ADHD, and trauma issues; adults with mental health issues, and disabilities; individuals seeking hespersonal growth and self-care through body-mind integration. Her theoretical approaches are psychoanalytic, client-centered, and humanistic therapy.

Jacquelyn earned her Masters in Dance Movement Therapy at Drexel University in the United States, and was trained in Applied Psychology in Taiwan. She served as a member of executive board in Taiwan Dance Therapy Association and has established several dance therapy programs in Taipei, Taiwan. She has worked in the United States, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

Anne Hurst, AThR, MAAT (clin), MHSC, R.N. ANZATA. CTAA. DTAA. Dance Movement Therapist, Dance 4 Us – West and Dance 4 Us Onehunga

Anne Hurst, AThR, MAAT (clin), MHSC, R.N. ANZATA. CTAA. DTAA. Dance Movement Therapist, Dance 4 Us – West and Dance 4 Us OnehungaAnne has recently joined our Dance Therapy Team as a leading movement Therapist. Anne is an impressive clinical arts and dance/movement therapist with over 20 years of experience in providing integrative arts and dance/movement therapies in disability and mental health settings for youth, adult and older adults with complex and high needs. She is highly experienced in engaging with diverse disabilities and providing empowering dance, movement and music group therapy programme.

Combining a lifetime of creative dance and a career in mental health, Anne has recently completed her Masters in Health Science (Expressive Therapies) as well as an MA in Clinical Arts Therapy (Dance Movement Therapy specialisation). She is certified as a clinical Neuropsychotherapy trainer from AUT University and in Somatic psychology with complex Trauma from PSI Institute Ltd.

Anne is on the steering committee of CTAA and has presented at CTAA, DTAA, ANZATA and NZAC Conferences. Anne also teaches creative therapies on the counselling degree programme at MIT (Auckland) and supervises students at Whitecliffe College’s MA Arts Therapy programme.


Johanna Hood, Arts Therapist- Arts 4 Us Riverside. AThR., MA AT Clin., Cert. Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work.

Johanna is an ANZATA registered Arts Therapist with thirteen years’ experience working with women and children. She facilitates the Riverside Arts 4 Us programme for DTNZ which is a lot of fun. Johanna has a lot of experience with women and children in areas of abuse, trauma, poverty, chronic illness (mental and physical) and disabilities.

“I really love creating art with the children at Riverside Community Centre. The children really enjoy having access to art materials in a socially supportive way. In this group space I can see them thrive socially and as individuals.”


JuliaHannaJulia Hanna, Arts Therapist – Arts 4 Us Orakei Specialty Programme. MA Arts Therapy, BA (English Lit & Ed.) DipTchg (Primary) Cert. Holistic Counseling (Melbourne).

Julia is currently completing her Master of Arts in Arts Therapy (Clinical) at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. Prior to her studies, she worked as a Primary School Teacher in Auckland and an Educator and Project Coordinator in in the adult community education sector in Melbourne.

Currently, Julia leads the Arts 4 Us Specialty groups at the Orakei Centre and conducts parent workshops for DTNZ. Julia also works three days a week at Carlson School for Cerebral Palsy, where she facilitates individual and group art therapy programmes for students.



Yoko Obata, Arts Therapist – Arts 4 Us Dunkirk, Therapist – STARS Mt. Albert. MA AT (Clin.) BA Psychology, AThR.

Yoko is a registered Arts Therapist and holds MA in Arts Therapy (Clinical) from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. She has studied psychology at San Jose State University in California and has worked as a substance abuse counsellor in a holistic drug and alcohol treatment program in the U.S.

Yoko has played the Taiko drums in Japan and also has experience in various forms of expressive dance movement practice such as 5 RhythmsTM and Core ConnexionTM.


DTNZ-Orakei_569 (1)Serena Corless, Co-Facilitator: Orakei Arts 4 Us Speciality, Dunkirk Arts 4 Us & Onehunga Dance 4 Us. Media Arts Major Photography. MA Arts Therapy (2nd year Clinical) & DTNZ Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy (2nd year).

Serena is presently completing her MA in Arts Therapy at Whitecliffe College. She is also in the Practicum year for the Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy at DTNZ. Currently, Serena is also co-facilitating dance and art programmes with primary and teenage groups within DTNZ. Serena brings ten years’ experience from the creative industry as a photographer and artist to add to her

Serena brings ten years’ experience from the creative industry as a photographer and artist to add to her Post Modern approach as an Arts Therapist.

“Expression through art and movement are two of the many ways to tap into inner and outer challenges. Often conflicts that are inner, show on the outer and vice versa. Arts Therapy is a way of investigating these encounters. I feel privileged to work alongside the people in the sessions I’m involved with. The overall-all hope is to open additional pathways into their consciousness, which in turn creates alternative decision-making options, enabling growth and harmony.”


Verity Larraman, Co-Facilitator STARS Onehunga and Dance 4 Us West

With a background in the Arts, Verity started her journey with D.T.N.Z. through the filming and editing of the Certificate Programme in 2014. A year later she was there as a student. Now on the 2nd year of the Clinical Advanced practicum, Verity is involved with both Dance and Arts programmes, Co facillitating and assisting.
“It is so humbling to share movement and expression with another, bearing witness to the story that unfolds.”

DTNZ-Pakuranga_020 (2)

Elise Loh, Movement Therapist – STARS Pakuranga, B(Sc) in Applied Psychology

Elise is a mental health practitioner who values an holistic approach and the importance of recovery through connections. She is currently running the STARS group programme at Pakuranga, helping special needs children in developing their social skills, emotion regulations and learning abilities. She has completed her 2-years Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy training from DTNZ.

Prior to this, Elise had delivered clinical interventions with Early Autism Project as a Behavioral Therapist and she understands both the behavioral aspects and emotional needs of children who are on the Autism spectrum and other related disorders. She is also currently completing her Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis from the University of Auckland. With her background in psychology, Elise has experience working with both adults and children populations.


Bex Wil

Bex Wilson,  Co-Therapist

Bex has been working as an assistant with DTNZ since 2014 when she started the first DTNZ certificate course. She took time off to have her daughter and returned in 2015 to assist with the North Shore stars. She is finishing off her certificate course this year as well.

Bex also works for PHAB as a coordinator for their Peers program. She is a certified in Laughter Yoga teacher. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Education and Psychology. She is passionate about movement and its ability facilitate learning, connection and growth.


dtnz-orakei-danielleDanielle Jelleyman, Co-Facilitator for DTNZ Art 4 Us Oranga

Danielle is currently pursuing MA in Arts Therapy at Whitecliffe College of Arts while teaching part time at a primary school in West Auckland. She’s been Assistant for ‘Arts 4 Us’ Orakei for a term and is now joining the ‘Dance 4 Us’ team at Hubwest.

Danielle enjoys collaborating with others to provide positive, safe and creative spaces for people to discover the treasures within themselves. She is an amateur illustrator and keen to engage in any kind of creative endeavour.


FB_IMG_1465255988260Carrie Weston, Co-Therapist Arts 4 Us  Orakei

Carrie Leigh has been assisting with a number of Arts 4 Us programmes since term 1 of 2015. She is currently pursuing her MA in Arts Therapy at Whitecliffe College. “During my time with DTNZ, I have had the privilege of work alongside a great team of therapists and volunteers who have helped guide and support on my path to being an Arts Therapist. Arts4Us facilitates an opportunity for me to invest my time, talents and skills into a role which I believe in and support, and I am honoured to witness the joy and creative freedom that the programme gives to those who attend it.”


Kirsty MGregor, Arts 4 US Riverside Co-Assistant 

Kirsty is an art therapy assistant for the Riverside ‘Arts 4 Us’ programme. Throughout her time working for the ‘Arts  4 Us’ programme she has loved being able to watch the children flourish in their character and creativity.
Kirsty has experience in Fashion design and is currently in her final year of studying Visual Arts and Creative Entrepreneurship at AUT. Kirsty aspires to become an art therapist as she believes creative expression has the ability to enhance individual wellbeing and plays an influential role in the healing process.

BrettBrett Harrington, Arts 4 Us Oranga Co-Facilitator

Brett Harrington has been working with children and adults with ADHD as a coach in private practice for seven years and is currently also working towards a Masters of Art Therapy at Whitecliffe School of Art and Design. She’s been an enthusiastic assistant at the Oranga and Riverside afterschool drop-in centres and loves engaging and facilitating children’s creative endeavours. Brett is passionate about the potential of art therapy to benefit individuals with attentional deficits and learning differences.