Dance Therapy 4 Kids

Dance Therapy 4 Kids is a community group with the following aims:

  • To empower and support children and young people with special needs, and their families, through the use of dance therapy, arts therapy and therapeutic dance.
  • To promote healing and optimal development for children whose development has been challenged by social, emotional, neurological or other issues.

Dance Therapy 4 Kids seeks funding to provide:

  • Dance Movement Therapy After school Programmes for children with special needs.
  • Dance Movement Therapy Programmes for children with Autism.
  • Dance Movement Therapy Programmes for at-risk Parents and their infants and young children (eg. Depressed mothers, young mothers, substance abuse, mental health).

Donations to Dance Therapy 4 Kids enable us to provide subsidised and funded services to children and families. Thank you for your support!

Please contact us at: