Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a completely self directed practice that has emerged from the field of Dance Movement Therapy, and is now used more widely in the fields of dance, theatre and improvisation. The practice is profoundly simple yet has the capacity to plunge us to our depths in surprising, and sometimes mystifying ways. Through this practice, individuals may discover a movement pathway that offers a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.

The practice of Authentic Movement explores the relationship between a mover and witness, between being seen and seeing. In the form, the mover closes their eyes and moves in the presence of a witness. The mover is encouraged to pay attention to their own experience, including sensations in the body, emotions, images, thoughts and impulses toward movement. The witness sits with eyes open, in silence, and pays attention to the mover but equally to their own experience- physical impulses and sensations, images, thoughts, responses, projections, interpretations, judgments, etc.

At the end of a set time period, the movement ends and there is the opportunity for both mover and witness to speak about their experience, if the mover wishes. The speaking is contained within a form which protects the mover’s experience, and supports the witness to become more conscious of their own projections, and what could be shared in service of the mover’s growth and deepening self understanding.

While Authentic Movement can offer increased connection to, and understanding of oneself, in the service of personal growth, it can also offer a profound experience of being connected to life, and to those around us, which can be deeply nourishing to our hearts and spirits. The practice can be used as part of individual Dance Movement Psychotherapy sessions, or it can be studied as a form in itself, and Anaia Treefoot offers workshops, retreats and training in this practice.

  • This practice offers therapists the opportunity to develop greater embodied self awareness and skill in working with somatic countertransference.
  • It offers artists the chance to reconnect with the deep current of their own creative impulse, to find new and innovative pathways of creative expression.
  • It offers all of us the potential to reconnect deeply with ourselves and the rich currents of wisdom running through our bodies. Spacious moments in our busy lives to pause and replenish ourselves.

Authentic Movement Group

Similar to a moving meditation, Authentic Movement is often experienced as a “dropping down” into the self to discover things that we are not readily aware. Authentic Movement is an integrative process that will teach you how to listen and learn from the subtle cues of your body. It can increase self-awareness, facilitate creative problem solving and integrate body/mind/spiritual health, while offering the luxurious experience of taking time for yourself to slow down and see what your body is trying to tell you. Your experience can be as profound as deep emotional growth, or as simple as finding a creative solution to a pressing issue or difficult decision.

Authentic Movement is different from typical stress reduction exercises, since there is no “direction” given. Instead, there is only gentle listening to allow your body to lead you in your own healing process. No experience in movement or exercise is necessary, just wear comfortable clothing. This group will teach the practice of Authentic Movement experientially, however some readings and discussion may be offered as useful in the learning process.

This practice can be utilised in individual adult DMT, in groups or in workshops. Please contact us for more information.