Corporate & Organisational Wellbeing Packages

Mindfulness and creativity for increased wellness, productivity and team building.

DTNZ is pleased to announce our new Corporate Wellness Packages where our highly trained, skilled and experienced presenters use mindfulness, movement or art to bring a dynamic, fun, interactive experience or a relaxing, stress-reducing experience into your workplace. Our mindfulness training packages can support your Team with stress reduction, wellness, productivity and collaboration.Japanese Zen stone garden - relaxation, meditation, simplicity and balance concept - pebbles and raked sand tranquil calm scene

When we help you – it helps others

DTNZ is a Registered Charitable Trust and offers movement, dance and arts therapy in the Auckland region for high needs populations including children and adults with disabilities, special needs, autism, and at risk children in low income areas. All proceeds from the Corporate programme go directly toward funding these important community programmes.

Lead Presenter:

Anaia Treefoot (MA AT Clin., ANZATA, DTAA, ADTA Asso.) is the Director and Founder of DTNZ, and co-Founder of NZ’s inaugural Certificate in Dance Therapy Training. Anaia trained extensively in the USA for several years and brings her enthusiasm and expertise to your Team. As well as presenting workshops, teaching and supervising, Anaia’s background includes working with both children and adults, with a focus on wellness programmes, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders & other special needs, and early attachment.

Package One: Be Present

Benefits: stress reduction, increased attention/focus, productivity, wellness, mindfulness, self-awareness.

In a fast paced work environment, stress can build up quickly, and if it is not released, its cumulative effects can lead to many long term problems. These include decreased productivity, mental health challenges such as anxiety/depression, interpersonal issues at work, physical injury and illness such as heart disease.

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress and create an optimal brain state that supports learning, cooperative work, creativity, productivity, happiness, gratitude, well being and more! It involves simple and effective practices that are easy to learn and utilise, and can make a significant difference over a short period of time.

We combine the powerful tools of mindfulness with a comprehensive knowledge of how the body works to provide a calming relaxation experience for your Team that is uplifting and settles both mind and body. This is ideal for environments where people are seated, and can be delivered in a 30, 45 or 60 minute session.

Package Two: Move together, work together

Benefits: teamwork, collaboration, stress release, increased creativity, productivity, awareness of others, wellness, fun.

Sometimes we can get stuck in habitual ways of working, interacting and thinking. Believe it or not, how we stand, sit and move in our bodies has a huge influence on how we think, feel and act. ‘Power poses’ can increase confidence and success in the workplace. ‘Doing something different’ is a creative change strategy that can free up new resources within a person or within a Team, leading to independent thinking, new ideas, outcomes and opportunities.

This package will get your Team moving in a new and different way together, though using the tools of space, posture, gesture, and time. Cooperative work and increased awareness can develop from this experience. Pedestrian ways of moving combined with a fun and playful approach will be an access point to hidden strengths within your team as they enter a whole new realm of creativity!

This package requires a room where people can stand and move and can be delivered in a 45, 60 or 90 minute session. A music system is helpful but not required as this can be provided.

Package Three: For creative expression

Benefits: increased creativity, wellbeing, group and/or individual identity, productivity, awareness of self and others, mindfulness.

The last time most of us picked up a paintbrush was at primary school. Yet exploring art materials even as adults gives us immediate access to an experience of play that supports our wellbeing and creativity. It also shifts us into a ‘theta’ state of mind where new possibilities abound, and creative thinking flourishes.
Artmaking can also be used to explore an idea, a process, a plan, a Team experience. This package can be designed as an interpersonal artmaking experience or a more individual exploration for each of your Team members that can uncover unrealised strengths and initiative. This package includes art materials and can be delivered in a 45, 60, 90, or 120 minute session.

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