Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dance Therapy NZ Therapists specialise in working with children on the Autism Spectrum both individually and in small groups. Dance movement therapy provides a unique gateway into the child’s world- to engage them in interaction in ways that feel safe and comfortable for the child- and from this place of connection, to guide them gently out into a wider range of interactions, to expand their levels of comfort and safety in communication, and to move into skill building when appropriate.

Our approach is based on the concept that every action is a communication, and to look for ways to use the child’s atypical and perhaps self stimulatory actions to create and maintain a connected relationship in which the child can continue to grow and thrive, despite their neurological disorder. This therapeutic relationship can then be used as the basis from which to transfer these relationship skills into other relationships in the child’s social world.

“Anaia is a dedicated, highly skilled therapist with a confident, calm, reassuring manner.  Her work with my son was uniquely creative and deeply moving.  My son has Autism and yet her ability to connect and relate to him was outstanding.  Our time with Anaia has opened up a whole new way of understanding and using DMT as both a mother and a teacher.” –-Teresa, Parent and TeacherGroup

“My two sons (age 10 & 9) who are on the Autism Spectrum, both made great strides after dance movement therapy. Anaia was very intuitive to how they are feeling and how she can help them. She has a thoughtful, gentle and caring approach that has enabled my sons to form a bond with her, and through this they have improved their social skills, self-esteem, and ability to express emotions. They are now more able to self-regulate when they are having a meltdown or get overloaded with sensory issues. Best of all, my sons think it’s fun and love going to see her! We feel very blessed to have met Anaia and can’t recommend her enough.” Mother of two boys on the Autism Spectrum

“When we heard of Dance Therapy, we were pleased since we would like our son to enjoy music (which he fears) and dance through therapy. Jacquelyn showed us even more. Dance Therapy was not just about dancing with music but coordination of movement through play. Our son made leaps-and-bounds with Jacquelyn. She made such a huge connection that our son keeps reminding us of his Dance Therapy schedule every week. And Jacquelyn did not stop there, she keeps giving advice on how we can understand our son and work on his behaviour. Surely, Jacquelyn has made a mark in our son’s life. Cheers to the Dance Therapy team!!!”Parent of an 8 year old boy with Autism & ADHD