Authentic Movement Group

Authentic Movement is a form of dance/movement psychotherapy that was created by Mary Whitehouse in the 1960s. It is a movement-based exploration into self inquiry that begins when you close your eyes and wait for an impulse from your body to move, allowing your deeper levels of knowledge to guide your experience in movement.

Similar to a moving meditation, Authentic Movement is often experienced as a “dropping down” into the self to discover things that we are not readily aware. Authentic Movement is an integrative process that will teach you how to listen and learn from the subtle cues of your body. It can increase self-awareness, facilitate creative problem solving and integrate body/mind/spiritual health, while offering the luxurious experience of taking time for yourself to slow down and see what your body is trying to tell you. Your experience can be as profound as deep emotional growth, or as simple as finding a creative solution to a pressing issue or difficult decision.

Authentic Movement is different from typical stress reduction exercises, since there is no “direction” given. Instead, there is only gentle listening to allow your body to lead you in your own healing process. No experience in movement or exercise is necessary, just wear comfortable clothing. This group will teach the practice of Authentic Movement experientially, however some readings and discussion may be offered as useful in the learning process.

These groups are currently on hold, however we can direct you to other resources for studying Authentic Movement. Please contact us for more information.